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Lots Of Love ® Baby Doll, African American

Lots Of Love 174 Baby Doll
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Toddlers definitely like the cute Lots Of Love . A list of special features are lots of love, comes with diaper and outfit and 14" soft vinyl doll. The magic formula to get good information about baby dolls should be to read through a bunch of recommendations, add to cart by clicking on the link below.

This 14"doll is all about having fun! Their faces are designed to capture a wide choice of emotions: Sleepy, happy, surprised and so much a lot more. Allowing your kid to use their imagination for the fullest is what makes this doll so wonderful. Adorable babies have diverse moods. Whether it's bathing inside the pool or feeding at the table, Lots to Love Babies are Lots of Fun! Doll expressions are randomly assorted and cannot be ordered by specific expression.


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