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Better Now Baby
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The child will relish this Better Now Baby - a great baby doll by Hasbro. Part# 0653569438205. Just one of the key attributes for this item is the doll comes with shirt, aspirator,? medicine? spoon, sippy cup,? thermometer,? and doll diaper. It's dimensions are 13.82" Height x 4.8" Length x 8.86" Width. Better Now Baby . For more information about this doll, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button on this site.

This darling Better Now Baby Alive doll is sure to turn out to turn out to be a hit!   Take care of her just like your mommy takes care of you!   You can even listen to her heart and bandage her pretend boo boos! Better Now Baby Alive dollShe drinks and wetsHelp her feel better"Listen"to her heart with stethoscopeTake her temperatureWatch her medicine disappearChange her diaperApprx 12"tallThis doll has black hair and dark skin toneOutfit is in a pink and blue cupcake patternRecomended for ages  3 and up


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