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Miniland Baby Doll African Girl (38 Cm, 15 )

Baby Doll African Girl


Package Quantity: 1

Your kids will cherish the Miniland Baby Doll African Girl (38 Cm, 15 ) . Among the many key characteristics for this product is the their notably well defined features help to identify the most representantive races. Other features include things like anatomically correct doll. 31154 is the product number for this notable item. The African baby doll is 12.2" Height x 7.87" Length x 6.89" Width.

Dolls dressed in underwear and presented in a case. Very well define facial features that helps young children to differentiate between races. Made of soft vinyl, incredibly resistant and flexible. Sewed on hair. Articulated head, arms and legs. Hermetic and perfumed body. They support young children to understand ideas such as family, diversity, coexistence.


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