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Miniland Baby Doll African Boy (38 Cm, 15 )

Baby Doll African Boy
Miniland Baby Doll African Boy 38 Cm 15 Image 1


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Children will take the Miniland Baby Doll African Boy (38 Cm, 15 ) , a great African baby doll made by Miniland everyplace. One of the several major features for this doll is the their notably well defined features help to identify the most representantive races. Other highlights include anatomically correct doll. Product# 8413082311537. It's 12.2"H x 7.87"L x 6.89"W. The important thing to obtaining good information about African baby dolls is to always read in detail a variety of product reviews, which includes the terrible and also the best. Make a little more time and you will find what you intend to purchase for children at the proper value. Buying a Miniland Baby Doll African Boy (38 Cm, 15 ) . To take advantage of the low price I came across, check out our partners via the button below.

Dolls dressed in underwear and presented inside a case. Very properly define facial attributes that helps children to differentiate between races. Sewed on hair. Articulated head, arms and legs. Made of soft vinyl, very resistant and flexible. Hermetic and perfumed physique. They aid children to understand concepts including family, diversity, coexistence.


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