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2012 Black African American Baby Alive Dressed For School Doll, 2 Outfits, She Drinks And Wets

2012 Black African American Dressed


2012 Black African will probably be your childs best new doll. UPC Number 653569763697. Cheapest price 2012 Black African . For the best price for this African baby doll and various other dolls, check out the market link below.

DRESSED FOR SCHOOL doll really drinks and wets! Your tiny one will have so much fun helping her DRESSED FOR SCHOOL doll get ready for school! After school is over, she can give her tons of enjoy and care all over once more! • Help your small 1 practice her ABCs with the included booklet. Help her to give her doll a drink from her sippy cup and alter her diaper! • Ages 3 and up. • Change her diaper! This doll really drinks and wets, so your little one will feel just like a real mommy. • 2 outfits for school! She can dress the doll in 1 of her 2 outfits, then alter her later in to the other outfit. • Give her a drink from her sippy cup!


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